About how to identify various types of leather products

Currently, leather products on the market there are five main leather surface, cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, horsehide leather and so on. The following methods of identification, specific features are:
(1) leather: cow leather surface pores small, round, uniform distribution and close, smooth leather shiny, plump texture, delicate, soft and smooth appearance, solid texture touch and elastic. The selection, such as pressing hard leather, with tiny wrinkles appear. With leather manufacture of leather goods, such as not looking, almost invisible bristles eye. Meanwhile, due to wear thick leather is very stiff. (2) sheep: sheep leather oblate surface pores, the pores clear, a few form a group, arranged scaly. Sheepskin manufacture of leather products, leather and delicate, soft, although the surface gloss, but not as bright as bovine products, squeeze leather, with a clear wrinkles arise. Comfortable sheepskin products. (3) pig: pig leather surface pores round and thick, tied into a group of three, arranged in a triangle, each far apart, the leather surface is uneven. Even after finishing treatment, but also recognizable come. Cowhide leather surface is relatively rough, hard feel real. (4) mapiri: horsehide and cattle glance somewhat similar appearance of smooth and delicate. But look closely, not as good as horsehide leather brightness, color, dark, oval-shaped pores, loose and soft leather surface. Compared with sheep, horse hide and sheepskin closer. Leather thickness degree, bristles with sheepskin eye size is quite similar. The key distinction is that horsehide leather sheepskin than hard, feel good, uneven leather luster. Squeeze leather, no pleats produce. Mapiri easy to wear for a long break. (5) Leather: Leather, also known as the letter. Due to the current use of a polyurethane nonwoven fabric made ​​of synthetic leather imitation leather, leather in appearance close to the left products, even to the extent of “spurious” in. This is even more needs to be carefully identified and selected. In general, Leather is a chemical raw material applied on the fabric processing. Imitation leather look, feel exactly like leather; imitation sheepskin look, feel like sheepskin, leather and shiny. But no pores look leather, floor non-animal skin. Squeeze, the leather will not fold. And animal skins can still be a difference, but there are microporous film leather, in which case, depending on the opposite end of the base material is still discrimination. Some criminals posing as genuine leather with leather products to sell, in order not to be identified, often accompanied by a layer of leather products, miscellaneous leather edge interfaces, interfaces leather sandwich. When consumers buy should pay attention to distinguish, so fooled.

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