Methods on how to identify genuine and fake leather

To learn how to identify genuine and fake leather first master, leather products industry in the most common word “leather”, but also people on the difference between synthetic leather and a habit is called the dermis, the type of leather variety, quality varies, so the price also disparities. 
The light skinned leather leather products used in many, because smooth Pilar force strength, dirt, wear and have good air permeability. Suede leather not only look elegant and generous, and good air permeability but the downside is that it is easy to dirty but good maintenance, especially in adverse environments, suede shoes easily inhaled dust, fluff will encounter water after lodging. There is a leather called modified leather, leather is the skin surface modification processing finish together, and it can be pressed on different lines, some finishing leather material is thick, poor abrasion resistance and breathability.

The following are some commonly used method for identification of genuine leather, as follows: 
one, feel 
touch leather surface, if smooth (coarse grain leather processed into another), soft, plump and flexible feel is the dermis. 
Second, the sharp eyes 
to see the skin is mainly used to identify the type and quality of the leather grain observed dermal surface pores and more obvious pattern, although imitation leather and synthetic pores, but not complete truth is not clear. Also a layer of synthetic leather textile as the opposite plate, the textile base is used to increase its tensile strength, while the opposite is not the dermis layer of this textile, this authentication is the simplest and practical way. 
Third, the smell 
of good quality leather is generally no smell, all leather has a leather smell, pungent odor if there might be a bad deal tanning process and excessive use of certain chemicals. 
Fourth, ignited 
after the smell of leather and hair lit lit after the smell almost, but not end after burning lumps with your fingers can shape into grinding; issued after the acrid smell of leather ignited, and burned to form knots.

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